As I was working in the garden today, enjoying the sunshine, and feeling the spring bursting out around me, I realized just how blessed I am to have my piece of land, and my animals. To be able to produce much of my own food, is a blessing indeed, and I decided that I should share that blessing.

First a little introduction – I have an embryonic smallholding, with a small gang of goats, a large garden, my daughter’s flock of meat rabbits, and an assorted rabble of poultry who we refer to as the “Pirates”. They roam the stableyard like a marauding gang, raiding feed buckets and ambusing the unwary. In the past I have bred pigs for market and, at one stage, I was almost completely self-sufficient for vegetables. I say almost because honesty compels me to say that I never grew peppers or mushrooms – without which life in the kitchen wouldn’t be nearly so much fun.

There are many of you reading this who would like to have a smallholding or a garden and be self-sufficient. There will also be those who are part way there, and who have some projects underway. And there will be those who are as wholly self-sufficient as they could possibly hope to be.

I hope to bring something to each of you as the days and weeks go by. For those who have yet to start there journey I will offer information, and the possibility of enjoying “the Good life” from afar. For those who have started out, I offer encouragement. And, for those who have already arrived, I hope we can share companionship.

Spring here is underway now – we had our first goat kid of the year born two weeks ago and she is now gambolling around the yard like a demented puppy, climbing in and out of the rabbit hutches, and attempting to round up the ducks in a scene strangely reminiscent of “Babe the sheep pig”.

mum and baby - just a few hours old