two weeks old today

Our baby – two weeks old today.

Cream in rabbit hutch

She is fascinated by “helping” my daughter feed the rabbits – the rabbits aren’t too impressed, but my camera isn’t fast enough to capture the expressions on their faces 😀

Today the rhubarb was calling for me. I like rhubarb. I like it in crumbles, pies, stewed with ice-cream and as a sauce with meat. But mostly I like it because it is one of the first things to present itself for use in the spring. Here we are, still in March, and I can almost taste the first fresh crumble of the year.

Really, the rhubarb should have been split this year ( there are several crowns ready to come off and have a home of their own) but the plant beat me to it and was up and sprouting before I could get there with a spade. So I have accepted defeat graciously and left it to its own devices for this year. Hopefully, next year, I will get there on time.

rhubarb with seed heads

One of the advantages to keeping the goats and the ponies is that we always have more than enough muck to do the rounds. Because rhubarb is a hungry feeder I always give it a good thick mulch in Spring and Autumn, so today’s task was to apply a good dressing of muck/mulch, and remove the flower stalks that the plant had put forth. It tried very hard to flower last year as well, and I have a feeling that it may be the plant’s reaction to needing to be split.

rhubarb after its haircut

The plant looks much more comfortable now, and I can look forward to those crumbles very soon 🙂