I spent this afternoon digging in the veg garden. As I dug, my mind wandered to the thought of my new balcony experiment.

This is a novelty for me. I have always have had plenty of space to grow what I want and “spread out”, and container gardening is something I have never really done. So, although I will still have my garden for veg, I have started planning what to plant on my balcony.

The list I have made so far

Tomatoes – well, I suppose that is an automatic choice really. I will go for cherry tomatoes as that is what my daughter loves best. Tomatoes do well in pots, so I reckon that the balcony is the perfect place for them

Cut-and-come-again salad – There won’t be room to grow proper lettuces – even little gems which we love – but I reckon a few plants of endive, rocket etc will fit in nicely.

Runner beans – These are one of my favourite vegetables, so I think some planted around the rim of a large pot, with some string to climb up should go down well. And I can always plant them with sweet peas to get a flower display as well.

Sugar snap peas – I have another large pot in which I will do the same as the runner beans although whether any of these make it as far as the table is anyone’s guess. This is a veg that we both graze on freely 🙂

Strawberries – I have some flower pouches left-over from last year, so I think I will have hanging strawberries this year. I believe that the benefit of growing them hanging, rather than on the ground, is that the birds can’t perch long enough to steal them – I’ll reserve judgement until I have them safely in a bowl 🙂

Courgettes/squash – These I will have to hunt for. I normally grow the bush varieties in the garden, but for the balcony I will try to find a trailing variety which I can train up the wall. Courgettes produce so prolifically that, if I can get it to grow up the wall, we will have more than enough.

A pot of herbs – parsley, thyme, chives, sage, coriander, with maybe a small bay bush and a small rosemary bush. That should cover most of my needs as regards herbs, and needn’t take up a huge amount of space.

Radishes – If I have any room left over, I will try to grow radishes in a windowbox style trough. But I have a feeling my balcony will have the appearance of the amazon rainforest by the time I have the rest of it planted.

What have I forgotten? What are the really “value for money” veggies as regards space? What grows really well in a container?

Let me know and I’ll try to add it to the mix