OK – so it isn’t really the end of the day yet – but it is mid afternoon, I am about to go and collect the apprentice from school, and then we go to do our evening chores at the barn. This is a good time of day – the apprentice and I get to spend some time together, and spend time enjoying the livestock rather than the mad rush that is the morning chores.

When we get home for the evening to do homework, house chores, have dinner, and then a small amount of time to ourselves. Once the apprentice is in bed, I start work again for a couple of hours.

It occurred to me today that the downside of working from home, is that I haven’t yet figured out when to stop. How to make that magic transition from work to finished for the day.

Part of this is that I love what I do. Part of it is just bad discipline on my part – knowing when to close the “office” for the day and wind down.

So I have a question.

When do you stop? Do you finish at a certain time – say dinner time – and that is it for the day? Do you carry on until you have finished “x” project? And having made the decision to stop for the day, what do you do to wind down? What makes the end of your day different from the working part?

Enjoy your evening 🙂