All of our goats are either purebred or part bred Golden Guernsey. They have wonderful personalities, and are great fun to have around. This year’s kids are no exception.

Last summer, we had to have our famliy dog put down. The apprentice had never known life without a dog, and I have promised her a new puppy when the right one finds us. But she misses her canine friend so much.

Our first kid of the year “Cream” is now a month old and is devoted to the apprentice and is as much fun as a puppy any day – she gallops around the yard, and plays tag along the tops of the rabbit hutches, as they do the chores together, and then they curl up for a tea-break together as well 🙂

Time to relax

This is Nana (short for Banana – pretty much all our goats are named after food and we are running out of ideas). She is one week old and is much quieter and more sedate than her older playmate.

Golden Guernsey goat baby

But even Cream needs to chill out occasionally 🙂

chilling out