Yesterday morning when we arrived at the barn, it was to the captivating sight of two of the rabbit does nesting furiously. Nesting is so entertaining to watch. I can remember when I first started breeding pigs, the sows had a similar ritual :- busily running hither and thither with mouthfuls of nest material, all the while appearing to be working to some kind of blueprint in their minds. Each mouthful had a specific place to go and would be placed with such care.

The rabbits do the same – using up as much nest material as we can give them. They add an extra touch to their nests though, by pulling out huge mouthfuls of fur to line the nest with. Even funnier is where the buns have a big hutch and have either the babies from a previous litter or a companion doe with them. In these cases they will then mug their hutch-mates and grab mouthfuls of fur from THEM. Their poor victims always look so long-suffering 🙂

I tried to take photos of the nesting process but the rabbits were just moving too fast for my poor camera to keep up.

However, when we arrived in the evening one rabbit had produced 4 kits in a perfect fur-lined nest. The other mum had three babies this morning when we got there. I did take a pic of the 4 kits in the nest, although it isn’t too clear.

Rabbit babies in nest

To make up for the lack of nesting pictures, I thought you might
enjoy some pics of the older babies

This is Travis (I have no idea why he’s called this, the apprentice names them)

Rabbit baby

And his brother Arthur (the white markings on his face were in the shape of a sword when he was smaller, so he is named after King Arthur)

Young rabbit


Pet rabbit

And his sister Flounce

Peter rabbit

And Bounce and Flounce together 🙂