At this time of year, it is always a guess as to what will be waiting for us when we get to the animals. A new goat kid? We have two nannies who haven’t kidded yet and one is getting close – so it could be. A new furry nest of bunny babies? Anything is possible with rabbits 🙂 A clutch of ducklings or chicks trotting round the yard after mum? Or maybe Mrs Goose will choose today to produce a clutch of goslings? And the barn cat has been looking very fat recently! Literally anything can happen.

The trees always amuse me in the spring – the elders are now close to full leaf and providing us with a lovely windbreak, and the horse chestnuts have a lovely green cloak, but the sycamores are barely starting. For some reason they all come through at different times and I find myself pondering the reasons for this. The elders are a shrub which in a woodland would provide part of the understorey so I suppose that could explain their earliness. But the haslenut trees are barely breaking leaves? And the horse chestnuts are a larger tree – surely they should wait with the sycamores. And as for the ash trees – when I looked a couple of days ago they hadn’t even started. But the apple trees have flower!

Each tree obviously has different needs and this fascinates me. I suppose over this years this has shaped my approach to gardening and growing.

When planting “anything” I believe you just have to remember one thing. Every single seed or plant you put in the ground WANTS to grow. It has been programmed by millenia of evolution to grow and produce. All you need to do is to allow that. When you consider each plant – don’t think of making this grow or that grow. Think of it as “can I provide what this plant needs?” If the answer is yes, then the plant will do its best for you 🙂

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till later today for photos as the ones I took yesterday didn’t work 😦