Well, 9 day old rabbit babies to be precise.

We are very fortunate in that, because our rabbit mums are all handled a lot, they allow us to handle their babies fairly freely. Sometimes rabbit mums, if they are scared, will kill their own young in a misguided attempt to protect them. But ours are pretty secure so we are able to take them out, very carefully, and handle them and, as a result, they grow up very tame too 🙂

At about a week to 10 days old, the baby rabbits begin to open their eyes.

These pictures were taken this morning and their eyes were just looking slightly “squinty”. By this evening a couple of them had half open eyes.

week old rabbit babies

This little bunny was the most adventurous while we were there and was out of the nest and scuttling along beside the walls of the hutch exploring. So we decided it was a good time for a photo 🙂

week old rabbit kitten