This week I had a letter drop through the letterbox from a friend in America.

I had been looking for things to grow to possibly sell at a small market stall, and she said she had just the thing.

So, when I opened my letter this week, out fell a packet of summer squash seeds. They appear to be a variety I have never seen before, and maybe we can’t get them this side of the Atlantic.

So we have sown our seeds all the way from the US.

It seems strange to me to think that, as I watch these seeds grow into plants (and hopefully into edible squash LOL) my friend in America will be doing the same. It may be a sign of my age that I still find it incredible that we can have friends across that huge expanse of water, we can “talk” online regularly and instantly, and that a packet of seeds posted as we were talking about what to grow, could still arrive here in time to be planted and actually grow.

In my mind these things should still take at least 6 weeks 😀

It is highly unlikely that we will ever make that journey across the pond, but we can make a little bit of a trip to the US this summer as we tend our summer squash and then the adventure of trying out ways to eat them.