Yesterday we planted our runner beans for the balcony experiment in their big pots.

When we lifted the newspaper pots from their box, the roots had started to grow out through the newspaper nicely and were ready to have more compost to grow into.

newspaper pots

Once we had them all safely in the pot, we put up a wigwam of bamboo canes for them to grow up.

wigwam for beans

Unfortunately I forgot that one of the pots was to be used for sugar snap peas, so I need to find another deep pot for those.

Obviously these pot-grown beans, having a lot less soil than their garden grown counterparts, will need a lot more feeding – barrowloads of muck aren’t going to cut it on my balcony 😀

Another issue that has raised its head is shade. It has dawned on me that, growing around a wigwam, those beans on the back of the wigwam aren’t going to receive as much natural sunlight as those on the front – will they fail to thrive, or will they curl to the front of the pot and all grow up in the sunshine? My money is on the latter – any thoughts?