This is a free to enter, open to anyone, online, pumpkin growing competition 🙂 The winner will receive £10 Amazon voucher (or the equivalent for entrants from any other country – exchange rates will be those on the day of judging 🙂

To enter you need to subscribe to the blog (you are perfectly welcome to unsubscribe afterwards) with a valid email address. Apart from the daily updates on the blog, registering will not cause you to receive any unsolicited emails – it is just a mechanism to enable me to deliver your entry number to you.

Once you subscribe, I will send you a personal entry number for your pumpkin. If you have more than one person wanting to enter then, when you get your number, just email me back and I will send you as many entry numbers as you require.

If you have children who wish to enter, then all the usual child safety measures should be taken. Provide your child with a “code-name” to use when commenting on the competition page and, if they win, the code name will be what I use to announce the winner.

This could be a fun project for a school year group to undertake – if you have class members who wish to participate individually or as a group, and don’t feel happy registering them as individuals contact me and I will figure out a “safe” way for them to register.

For entry requirements and competition updates see the pumpkin competition page