I think now may be the time to introduce you to another of the characters at the barn. She is the barn cat who goes by the name of “Blotchy”.

She adopted us two years ago when she was just a skinny scrap of a feral kitten. She had a sibling who disappeared – we only saw it once and then never saw it again – but they looked so skinny and scared that we put out extra food and Blotchy stayed and was given a name. I warned the apprentice that she would never be a pet- having been born feral she wasn’t likely to become tame like a house cat.

I couldn’t have been more wrong – one day I sat down in the tack room and she jumped on my lap and started rubbing up to me. Ever since then she has been the most affectionate, loving cat I have ever known. Last year she produced us two kittens who went to be barn cats at another stable.

On 25/04/11 she produced us another kitten upon whom the apprentice has bestowed the rather dubious name of “Splat”. Being only one, this kitten may stay with us, or may go to my brother to be a mouser in his feed room šŸ™‚

But either way, mum is very open with her baby and is quite happy to let us handle and stroke it – although she does watch the whole time šŸ™‚

1 day old kitten with mum

baby kitten with mum

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