Having thrown down the gauntlet (or rather the gardening glove) with the pumpkin growing competition I thought it only fair that I should share what little I have learnt on the subject of pumpkin husbandry 🙂

Pumpkins like warmth and well drained, fertile soil. So choose a sunny spot in your garden, and dig in plenty of muck.

Pumpkins can be grown on mounds of earth 4-5 ft apart with the vines falling down the sides, or in rows 4-6 ft apart. Take your pick, but make sure you give them plenty of space – they like to spread out.

Pumpkins like plenty of space, and don’t like to be too close to any other vine fruits. They should be grown on soil that hasn’t grown any other squashes for at least 2 years.

Pumpkins don’t like to be too wet. Don’t water them too often, but when you do water, give them a good soaking. When the fruits start to develop, reduce watering.

If you like the thought of companion planting, pumpkins like the company of nasturtiums and borage. For more on companion planting
Dale Meyer’s book
is a good start

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