The balcony project is moving along nicely. The runner beans are twisting and twirling their way up their bamboo wigwam looking more and more like something from a fairy story. I need to apologise at this point for the lack of photos. WordPress had an upgrade, and for some reason it has left me unable to upload photos from my computer to the blog so, temporarily, I am afraid we will either be picless, or I will have to re-use old pics for a while. Rest assured though, I will be taking regular photos and as soon as it is possible, I will post them here. 🙂

Having made our trip to the garden centre last weekend, the apprentice and I spent soem time this week settling our new purchases into their respective homes. The strawberries have been planted in hanging pouches – one of which is mixed with pot marigolds, and the other has the trailing tomato in the top of the pouch. I have a feeling this may be a mistake, as tomatoes tend to be quite hungry feeders, so I think I will need to feed tha tpouch a lot to have any joy with the strawberries

The tomatoes and the heliotrope have been hardened off, and are now spending their nights out of doors, and the heliotrope has it’s own terracotta pot. The tomatoes will be planted into their permanent pots this weekend.

The tarragon also has a pot of its own – tarragon tends to like it’s own root-space so it has a terracotta pot to itself.

I popped some sweet pea seeds in around the base of the runner bean wigwams – hopefully they will start to poke their noses out soon.

The sage and the thyme are waiting for me to make a decision as to whether they fit in a trough, or in a round pot – for purely asthetic reasons 😀 I just can’t make up my mind – but I will need to get them planted up this weekend as well.

The other job for this weekend is to pot on all the squash seedlings I have growing on my windowsill – the roots have started to grow out of their egg-box pots now, so it’s time for a little more foot-room for them.

It looks as though I have a busy weekend ahead – how about you?Tell us what you’ll be doing in the garden this weekend

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