Baby Golden Guernsey goat

Granted, a good few of you didn’t know I had been gone, but I’m back 😉

A few days ago, wordpress ran an update. Working, as I do, on an old browser, the update meant that I could no longer upload pictures from my computer to the blog. So we have been pictureless.

Sooooo, after agonising over several different courses of action (one of which was the application of a rather large sledgehammer to every electronic gadget in the house) I bought a new router which would allow me to connect, not only my old mac to the internet, but the apprentice’s (also old) pc as well.

I proudly came home yesterday afternoon bearing my trophy. Plugged it all in and, somewhere along the line, fried my internet connection. Unplugged the router and my old broadband modem would no longer work 😦

Hoping against hope that it was the service provider that was down, I sat up a large part of the night, unplugging, replugging, trying different configurations in case something had been “jigged”. Eventually at 6 am I phoned the provider who said “sorry,” did a line check which came back clear, and then informed me that I needed to speak to IT support who don’t apparently find their way to a desk until after 8.30am 😦

Finally I managed to speak to a VERY nice, VERY helpful young man (well sounded young to me) who managed to talk me through setting up the router on the phone. Have you ever noticed that, with computers, you only have to have one step missing and the whole lot falls apart? You would have thought that, if computers are SO smart, they would be able to read between the lines and figure out that if you want “a” and “c” then maybe you want “b” as well 😉

The end result of this is that I now have, not one, but two computers online. The apprentice is VERY happy as I have been promising this to her for a while now so she is proud that her computer is active now.

BUT….and a big BUT…..the silver lining is ……..that the digital camera speaks to the apprentice’s computer so I can now take photos with a “real” camera instead of my phone. Not only that, the “edit image” button works on the pc, as does the “delayed publish” button. Isn’t it funny how you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never had it – I am like a kid in a toy shop so, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go and play with my new toys, and upload lots of photos of baby animals 🙂

Keep checking – I’ll be posting them very soon 🙂