Splat the cat is one month old – and, as that has coincided with the return of my ability to post photos, I thought we would celebrate her birthday by posting some photos of her.

Don’t worry – she isn’t being strangled – she started meowing for her mum and I caught her mid-meow 🙂

1 month old kitten

Like all our animals – she’s always up for a cuddle

Four week old kitten

She was fascinated by the “warm-up” light on the camera and kept trying to get up close for a proper look.

Kitten four weeks old

Her mum “Blotchy” stepped in and decided that playtime was over and it was time for a bath – now, where have I heard THAT before 😀

Cat caring for kitten

But Splat was soon off and exploring again 🙂

Kitten 1 month old

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