Under the user name “hutchgirl” (the apprentice was already taken)  I am writing my very first blog post.  This is a book review on one of my very favourite books.  I have always loved the Enid Blyton books, and these are some of the first that I read.

Written by Enid Blyton,first published in 1953, this wonderfully written series will enchant you for the whole of your days.  The Famous Five is a series of adventure books about four cousins.  There is Georgina (known as George), Dick, Julian, Anne and Timothy (known as Timmy), their dog.

The series of The Famous Five is mesmerising, and with every page you read they suck you in even further.  This series gives  you a real feel for adventure,as you read about smugglers and signals, strange happenings and solving mysteries.  The four children and their dog have surprises sprung at them on each and every page, but do they give up?  Never!  The five bring you the very best of puzzles, pluck, character and courage as they help the police in their mission – to do good for the world…

Book review – Five on a Treasure Island