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As it’s the weekend, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a look at what’s been happening on some other blogs this week.

Mike is a friend of mine in the US. A retired paramedic, he runs a preparedness blog, and is a mine of fantastic information on a broad range of related subjects. With the help of Mike’s blog afludiary.blogspot.com I will be looking at various preparedness issues as they arise

Things as simple as having a properly stocked first aid kit and basic medicines, can make so much difference. After all, once you have the flu, or stomach bug, or have the chilren down with (insert the bug of your choice) is not the time you want to be popping to the shops for lemsip/immodium/calpol!

This week is National Hurricane Preparedness week in the US, and you can find the week’s day-by-day topics on his blog.

Those of you reading in the UK will be feeling rather smug at this point and wondering why on earth I would be pointing you at a hurricane awareness website?  The truth is that emergency situations can strike any of us at any time – sometimes they don’t even look like emergencies.

We may not suffer hurricanes here in the UK, but a sudden spell of snow and ice can cause its own share of chaos – empty supermarket shelves, people falling over and having road accidents because they “had” to go out.

Even just having the children home sick and not being able to get out to the shops can be a major issue for those people who don’t keep a few days worth of food in the cupboard.

By reading some of the advice regarding hurricanes, and applying it to your own situation, you can make it so much easier to cope with those unexpected challenges life throws at you.

Read about preparing for life’s challenges Hurricane preparedness week day 1

Meanwhile on the homesteading blogs –

Otter over at arrowsflightfarm made a confession at the beginning of the week. Find out what she confessed to 😉 I have to say – I was compelled to confess too 😀

Pam at Pamspride has some very happy ducks find out why – I think my ducks will be emigrating to join her if they see the pictures 😉

And, in a new blog, Christie at Artisanfarmsteadliving has been busy making creme fraiche

And finally, the photo at the top is of Cream, one of this year’s kids. What is she thinking? Give her a caption – no prizes on offer i’m afraid, just for fun 😀