Pastry’s babies are now 6 weeks old and are growing fast. This means that they are now just about ready to be moved out of their mum’s cage. This won’t be just yet, for them, as we have to make hutch space for them, so they can wait a week or two with no ill effects.

At this age the rabbits are very keen on exploring – from time to time they jump out of their hutches and explore the enclosure.

baby rabbits 6 weeks old

They are eating anything that is put in front of them, and love some fresh picked grass or greens like plantain, mallow or dandelion 🙂

baby rabbit 6 weeks old

Rabbits are very friendly, they always come to say “hello” when we open the hutch door 🙂

six week old rabbit

By six weeks old, a rabbit should have been handled regularly, and be happy to be handled and cuddled. If you are buying a rabbit, look for one that has been well handled.


The apprentice cuddles our rabbits daily (spends WAY more time cuddling rabbits than she does doing her chores!) so they are all very friendly and easy to handle.

baby rabbits

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