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Our rhubarb is doing it’s usual early summer job of taking over its corner of the veg garden. I like rhubarb. I like the taste of it, and I love rhubarb crumble with ice cream. But, if I am honest, one of the best things about rhubarb is that it is a perennial. Each year I feed it well with muck, cover it over with some corn stalks to protect it in the autumn and, as if by magic, I am provided with stacks of lovely rhubarb in the spring. Add to that the fact that it is one of the earliest crops to come in the spring and you can’t lose really šŸ™‚

This year the rhubarb is producing especially well, so I set out to find a new recipe for jam to use up some of it. I have one jam recipe, with rhubarb and ginger, but this one had a little bit of extra “zap” to it which appealed to me. So here we go………

Recipe for jam – rhubarb and ginger.

String the rhubarb and cut into small pieces.

jam recipe rhubarb and ginger

Place rhubarb in a bowl, sandwiched between layers of sugar.

jam recipe

Leave overnight. In the morning, the sugar will have formed a syrup, and the rhubarb softened.

rhubarb jam

Tip into a saucepan, and add the bruised ginger tied up in a piece of muslin. Cook gently for 30 mins or until rhubab is softened. Add the candied peel and crystallized ginger and bring to a good boil.

jam recipe rhubarb and ginger

Boil until setting point is reached. Pour into jars using a ladle, or a jam funnel, and seal using wax discs or melted wax.

jam recipe rhubarb

The jam recipe in short

2 1/4lb rhubarb
2 1/4lb sugar
1 oz fresh root ginger bruised
4 oz crystalised ginger
2 oz candied peel

Peel the rhubarb and cut into small pieces
Layer in a bowl with the sugar
Leave overnight – next day scrape into a saucepan, put the bruised ginger into a piece of muslin, add it to the rhubarb and sugar mixture and cook gently for 30 mins.
Remove ginger, add crystalised ginger and candied peel, and bring to a good boil.
Boil until the jam reaches boiling point, leave to cool for a few minutes.
Pour into jars and seal.

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