This week we spent some time planting corn in a tray on the balcony. This is one of those areas where I read the instructions on the packet and then do something entirely different 😉 As gardening advice goes, this possibly isn’t a good idea. If it is your first time growing sweetcorn, then you should follow the instructions – they are written to give the best results across a range of conditions.

I have been growing corn for some time now and once, a few years ago, I missed the ideal planting time. Not wanting to miss out on my sweet corn altogether, I planted the sweet corn seed in a seed tray, and started them on my windowsill. In this way I brought the sweetcorn on very quickly, and was able to make up some of the lost time.

Ever since then, if I am late, I just go ahead anyway. We tend to have a fairly easy autumn here, and a late crop of sweet corn is just fine 🙂

Here’s how I do it.

The seed tray ready for planting.

planting corn

Sweet corn seed – unlike some other seed, it looks exactly like the the end product 🙂

sweet corn seeds

This seed looks far too thickly planted but, because I am going to plant it out very quickly, it will come to no harm in the tray while it starts.

sweet corn

Keep the seed tray warm and well watered. As soon as the sweet corn starts to grow, place the tray outside during the day to stop it getting too leggy.

Plant out into its growing position as soon as possible.

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