As part of the balcony project, we are growing sugar snap peas in a window box trough. The trough in question is approximately 3ft long, 8 or 9 inches wide.

We nearly filled the trough with compost, and then placed the seed in a zig-zag pattern on top (think the fives on a dice and you have about the right pattern). We then covered them over with more compost, and have been watering them well.

pictures of sugar snap pea seedlings

The sugar snap peas are now showing through – they are all coming up well, and that leaves me with another problem. They are going to need some support.

Supporting container grown peas

Unlike the runner beans (which grow to about 6ft) these sugar snaps should only reach around 2ft tall, so supporting them is a slightly different matter. Out in the garden, I would either give them a net to climb up, or put up twine either side of the row to hold them together.

With the peas on the balcony, I can’t do either of these so I think I am going to make a bamboo “tent”. So, I will stand a row of short canes in front and behind the trough, and tie them together at the height of the top of the trough. Then I will tie the tops of the canes together, like an A-frame over the trough. Then I will run a couple of lines of string all the way along, and that should give the sugar snap peas enough to support them 🙂

The sugar snap peas should grow, and climb up the strings, and be supported by the structure of the tent 🙂

My biggest concern with growing the peas this way, is the depth of the trough. I have a feeling that it may not be deep enough to keep the peas happy. Only time will tell.

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