I think it’s time for a little update on the balcony project as a whole, and some pictures of how some of the plants are progressing 🙂

The cherry tomatoesare flourishing. They are growing well, looking very healthy, and we have had just a hint of some flowers starting 🙂

container grown tomatoes

The strawberries growing in pouches have also settled in well and are now growing well. A couple of flower buds are developing, but are taking a lot longer to turn into actual flowers than usual (unless it is just that I don’t normally stand and look at my strawberry flowers every day LOL). The tomato in the top of one of the pouches has firmly established itself. I planted it in the top of the pouch and then, having second thoughts, decided to take it out and give it a pot of it’s own. Unfortunately the tomato had other ideas and refused to budge, so that pouch is going to need extra careful watering and feeding.

In the bottom corner you can see the runner beans growing up their wigwam.

Balcony vegetables

The runner beansare growing well up the wigwam now and are flowering. Unfortunately the second pot of runners, which was attacked by snails, didn’t survive. After the initial snail attack, the beans tried to grow again, but the snails revisited and finished them off. I now have French beans starting on the windowsill to replace them, so I will have one wigwam of runner beans, and one of French beans 🙂

container grown runner beans

The radishes sown in a tray are now through, so it is nearly time to sow some more to have a succession to pick

Radish seedlings

The cut and come again salads are all through except the watercress, so we have mizuna, red leaves, and rocket coming on. I gave in and sowed 4 little gem lettuces in cells, and have said we will sow a couple every week or so. The apprentice loves little gems, so it is a good plant, but I have no idea where we are going to grow them – time for a little creativity I think 😉

We also have pumpkins and squashes nearly ready for planting out, sweet corn just showing through and sugar snap peas showing.

Pumpkin plants

Sugar snap peas

Everything had a good feed of tomato food over the weekend and, apart from the pouches which didn’t catch any, everything has benefitted from some rain today 🙂

So, all is well in my little patch of domestic jungle