We had a busy weekend here. I have been trying, for several weeks, to get the goats moved out to some new grazing. In the past we had some lovely grazing right next door to the barn but, unfortunatley, last year we lost that. We have been given the use of a new piece just down the road, which the ponies have been using for some time now, and which I hope the goats will graze for the summer.

Saturday was the big day – I got the rope for the new tethers, we had salvaged some old tyres from the recycling depot for water bucket holders, we were good to go. On Saturday afternoon, ably assisted by the apprentice, we made up the new tethers, and on Saturday evening we led the goats down the road, in groups of three, to the field and left them there to munch their way through the night.

It rained!!!

It rained lots more!!!

It blew a gale!!!

When we got to the field on Sunday morning it was to find 3 goats reasonbly OK because they had been smart enough to hide underneath some gorse bushes, 3 goats reasonably OK because they have thick coats and managed to shed most of the rain but rather disgruntled about it all, and 3 goats soaked to the skin, shivering and on the verge of hypothermia (they even refused breakfast – never a good sign).

So we let them all off their tethers and herded them all back up the road to the barn, got them dry warm and fed up again and kept them in for the night. I guessed this was what they wanted when I opened the door to let them out to graze and they all retreated to the far corner of the stable!

This morning, the sun managed to make it’s way back through the clouds so we set off for the field again. Being a simple soul, I thought that they would be quite happy to be herded back down the road – after all, the sun was shining, they knew they were going out to graze right?


Goat brain took over and we had to put ropes on and lead every single one down the road! I can’t tell you how tempted I was to put them back in their bare patch and leave them there. To make up for it, they trotted up the road as a herd again this evening – they obviously prefer coming home to going out 😀

As a result of all this, we did absolutely NOTHING on the garden front, and I now have a laundry marathon on my hands as a result of both the apprentice and I getting soaked to the skin and having to change four times yesterday.

Oh well, I expect I will catch up eventually – but at least I have happy goats 😀