Over the centuries, philosophers and alchemists drove themselves mad looking for the elixir of life. They were sure that, somewhere, there existed a “magic potion” that would give them eternal youth – immortality.

I have discovered it. This spring, I have discovered the elixir of life – that secret ingredient that makes me young again.

When I was quite a young child, my parents allocated me a little piece of garden right in front of the front door. it was about a foot wide, and about 8 feet long. In this piece of ground, I grew pot marigolds and anemones. I loved my little piece of ground and tended it with all the devotion of a new parent. Pot marigolds are still a favourite of mine – they somehow seem to bring the sun into the garden on the greyest day. But the best part of it was starting my own seeds.

I loved settling the seeds into the ground and waiting for them to appear. I loved it so much I started planting fruit seeds in pots on my windowsill. I grew some apples which of course went wild when eventually planted out, and I grew some grapefruit plants. One of these I kept and it died on me eventually (not sure why, I think it got too cold at one point) but one I gave to a friend of my parents.

This friend had an orange tree called Henry that used to come and stay with us when she went away and I had to talk to him. (Actually looking back on it that simple sentence coud explain a lot 😀 ) So I thought she would be pleased to have a grapefruit tree as well. She was delighted and promptly called the grapefruit Phoebe.

I digress. The point is that I loved growing plants from seed. And I suddenly realised that, that has never gone away. As I have gone out to the balcony every morning with my cup of coffee and examined every seed tray and pot for signs of life with the apprentice. And as we have counted the seedlings as they appear. And watched every stage of their growth. It suddenly ocurred to me, this IS eternal youth.

I suddenly realised that I still have exactly the same feelings and excitements watching these seeds grow as I did all those years ago. When I look at a tray of seedlings coming up, I am still the little girl watching the calendulas in the flower bed 🙂

Will it make me live for ever? I suspect not 🙂 But will it rejuvenate me again every spring? I think it may just do that 🙂

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