Well, our weather has turned nasty this week. We are trying to work out if it is the March winds and April showers come at last or the September gales come early! Either way it is unseasonal and not terribly nice.

The goats hate the rain and mud, and spend as much time indoors as they can when the weather is like this. I can’t say I blame them, but the plants don’t seem to mind too much, and all the plants on the balcony are growing on well.

The container radishes are coming along nicely and have their second leaves well developed now. The apprentice is counting the days until they have grown big enough to eat, that day is some way off yet, but it is about time we sowed some more seeds.

Radish seedlings

The sweet corn is up and very nearly ready to be planted out in the garden along with the squashes – it won’t be this weekend in this weather, so I have to hope they are OK for another week.

Sweet corn seedlings

The sugar snap peas are growing well and starting to look like proper little pea plants. I haven’t yet made their frame so that is a job for this week I think, along with finding some bamboo canes for the tomatoes – I’ve been putting that off as well for some reason.

Sugar snap peas

The runner beans have developed a problem. It’s not a huge surprise, but I had hoped it would be OK. There are no insects on my balcony to pollinate them 😦 This means I am going to have to hand polinate them, and probably the tomatoes as well. No chance of getting bored in this house – maybe I should re-name the blog “the runner bean dating agency” 🙂