The goats are now moved into their new pen which hopefully should last them well into the winter. This will largely depend on how much rain we have as whatever pen they are in will turn to mud with wet ground and cloven hooves.

The new pen is higher up on the land so hopefully the water will run off it a little better. As it is only a temporary pen, I am working on making a layer of shipping pallets all around the outside of it, to give extra shelter from the wind and driving rain in the winter.

They goats tend to churn up a gooey stick mess all around their water tub. To try to remedy this, I have placed their water barrel up on a pallet, so that they are standing on the wood when they go to drink. Hopefully and water that gets spilt will drain through the pallet which means the wet ground will be where the goats can’t stand in it – better for the ground and better for their feet ๐Ÿ™‚

When they came in from grazing last night, they were very happy to go into it (after a little bit of initial confusion) and immediately started exploring the corners where the shelter is, and found their water.

I can now breath a little sigh of relief as I have been worrying about getting the goats moved into new accommodation for a while now. Now they are in, I can get some of the other much needed jobs done ๐Ÿ™‚