The balcony strawberries didn’t quite go according to plan this summer.  They grew well, produced lots of flowers, which developed into fruit, but none of the fruit really swelled and ripened properly.

On reflection I think that this was caused by a lack of water.  The growing pouches just didn’t seem to hold enough water in.  It didn’t matter how much I watered them, the compost was always dried out by the next time. 

The trailing system still seems to me like a great plan for strawberries -, but I think I need to come up with a better container for growing them in.  You can buy large tubs for strawberries with holes up the sides, but all the ones I have seen cost a lot of money, and if I can find something that will hang on the wall like the pouches, just with a larger soil mass, then I would rather do that.

At the moment I still haven’t come up with a solution to this problem, but it is one I shall be puzzling over as the winter progresses. 

The runner beans, on the other hand, did very well once the insects found them.  I am going to experiment with over-wintering the beans so I have cut back the top growth and covered over the bean roots with some straw to protect them in case we have any frost.  It will be interesting to see if they survive the winter and, if they do, how well they produce next yet 🙂