I awoke to two days ago and, listening to the news in my semi-conscious state, heard how we are in a huge drought that may well last until next year. The ground is dry (not autumnal at all) and crops are suffering etc.

Now, I never pay a huge amount of attention anyway so this news didn’t worry me unduly, but I did leave the house wondering about how to keep the veg garden safe in a prolonged drought etc, etc. Having been to the barn, turned out the ponies and done the other chores, I took the apprentice to school.

And that’s when the bubble burst! The bubble that was holding quite literally tons and tons of water over my head burst! I would say it rained, but it felt more like someone up there was throwing buckets and buckets of water over me! It continued like this for the next eleven hours! I was soaked right through waterproof layers. The goats were all perched on the pallets in their pen like flood victims clinging to rafts. I brought the ponies in from the field and the rain and gone right through their turn-out rugs and they were drenched to the skin underneath. I think the only happy folk were the ducks and the rabbits (who were hiding in the “tunnels” in their hutches and peering out at the weather every now and again πŸ™‚ I can honestly say I haven’t seen rain like that for a looooonnnnnnng time.

So with the forecast for today and tomorrow not looking a lot better what jobs can we do this weekend? Obviously the garden is going to be out of the equation. Visions of ark building did cross my mind, but I’m not sure my very basic carpentry is quite up to the job. So we’re on to the indoor jobs.

As I sit here typing I can hear the wind gusting and the rain lashing and am quite glad to have plenty to be getting on with indoors – just have to get out there and do morning chores first!

I have a lot of reading to do as I am currently trying to find new varieties of onion to grow next year. I will be growing them from seed, so really need to get them started in trays in January, so I need to choose my varieties soon and get them ordered.

Another new veg for us next year will (hopefully) be sweet potatoes. These need starting indoors in January so I will be making sure I have everything I need, and doing some homework ready for starting them.

With Christmas just around the corner the apprentice is working on Christmas presents to give to people. She is making personalised coasters, needle cases and keyrings for all the important people in her life. Between us we will share the “how-tos” for these gifts once they are done πŸ™‚ We also have Christmas cards to make, write and post, and I can feel a baking session coming on. Maybe something spicy to warm us up hmmmmm πŸ™‚

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