After some weeks of worrying and waiting for kidding, with the news of the Schmallenberg virus still fresh in our minds.  At last I can type up this post!

goat kid

Kidding is finished successfully and happily for another year.   We started with a rush on 7th Feb with two sets of twins.  Both appeared to have been born within minutes of each other and were fresh on the ground and still damp when I arrived.

newborn goat kid

They were followed 3 days later by another set of twins who were also born just before I arrived – at this point I’m starting to like my goats more by the minute 🙂

successful kidding


Finally, after much watching and waiting, the remaining nanny kidded Friday 9th March with a single kid.

newborn goat kid

We have 3 sets of twins and a single, 4 boys and 3 girls. All 3 sets of twins are boy/girl pairs.

goat kid

All the kids are strong and healthy, all the mums well, nice easy births, and all I am left to do is band the newest boy and figure out how I’m going to keep this little lot out of the veg garden once I get it planted.

Preparing for kidding
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baby goat kid