balcony plants

So, the plan for this year on the balcony:

The runner beans will be grown in a trough, along the end wall of the balcony, with a frame of bamboo leaning against the wall for support.  This way they will all have the benefit of the sun, and hopefully will grow more uniformly.  The drawback to this is that the trough may not be deep enough for the bean roots – only time will tell.

The sugar snap peas will also be grown in a trough – possibly on the opposite side of the balcony where, I think, they will benefit from a little more sun.

The salad leaves will grow in a trough the same as last year but may move across the balcony as I don’t think they need the sun quite as much as some of the other plants.  Being a low growing plant though, I can always move them around later if need be.

The tomatoes will grow in individual pots so that I can juggle with their position while they are still small and, hopefully find the best spot for them.  Obviously once they grow taller, they will have to remain in one place.

The radishes I am still not totally sure about.  They were so successful last year that I will grow a number of trays this year – but I think they will just have to be moved around depending on where there is space at any given time.

The herbs will be the same as before, although I may add parsley and chives to the mix this year.  Grown in individual pots, the herbs are easy to move around to accommodate the other plants.

The strawberries – on a trip to wander around the garden shop, I found what I think is the answer to my problems.  Funnily enough someone else has solved the problem for me and they make a container, same idea as the flower pouches, especially for strawberries.  Who knew?  They will hopefully enjoy being at the end of the balcony, beside the runner beans.  If not, the beauty of these new containers is that I will be able to shuffle them around as well.

French beans – I am not sure I am going to try these on the balcony this year – although I may pop half a dozen seeds in just to see if they come to anything.  But after last year’s failures, I may just decide not to bother.

And another experiment for this year – Garlic.  I have had it on my kitchen windowsill getting cold over the winter, and now it has sprouted so I am growing to plant some in the garden, and some in a tray on the balcony like the radishes.  Whilst I know that this is not the conventional way to start garlic, it seems to me there’s no harm in trying – nothing ventured nothing gained!


I think any other available space will be needed for starting plants for the main garden such as pumpkins and sweet corn.