Thought it was time for some up to date photos of the goat babies.

kid goat

This Horlix having a quick hug with the apprentice before dashing off to be a hooligan again.

kid goat

Marshmallow in the hay barrel – we have two of these barrels to keep the hay off the floor for them, but the goat babies think they are perfect for sleeping in.

goat babies

Out and about for some grass – they get from 1 1/2 to 3 hours a day on the grass at the moment.  In the front is Crunchie, with her twin, Bournville, right behind her, and Horlix on the right next to his mum, Vanilla.

goat kid

This is ~Bon Bon.  He is incredibly cute and is a full month younger than the other kids so his baby antics are somehow even more appealing.  Somehow we managed to miss a photo of the other kid, Malteser, but I am sure she will grace us with a photo shoot sometime soon.