Yesterday was one of those days.  We were at home just getting ready to go to band practice when my phone rang.  It was my nephew to let me know that a friend of his had texted him to say that my goats were out and were by the airport.  Now, the airport is about as far away as the goats could get and still be on the same island, so I was a little surprised.

goat kid

I casually said “oh no, they won’t be mine, they will be J’s”!  I then proceeded to phone J to inform her that her goats were probably out and on the road.

A short while later my phone rang again – it was J to let me know that her goats were exactly where they should have been.  I decided that I had better go and just make doubly sure that mine were where they should be.

They weren’t!

So now I had a huge problem!  Logic was screaming in my ear that my goats couldn’t possibly have got as far as the airport.  Not that it is that far – but that would have meant passing the gates of many, many tempting gardens on the way.  Surely I would have had a phone call from some irate householder vainly trying to protect his shrubbery from the swarm of hairy locusts.  And surely I should have had a phone call from SOMEONE to say they had been seen on the road.  So, should I go and search in the vicinity of the airport where I had been told they had been seen?  Or should I follow logic and search closer to home where it was much more likely they would be found.

goat kid

I decided to try a compromise.  I searched in concentric semi-circles (if there is such a thing) starting at the barn, and working outwards in the direction of the airport.  I reckoned that this way, if someone was exaggerating and they were  just heading that way, I would probably spot them.  If they HAD been to the airport, I would probably meet them coming home for dinner.  And if they were AT the airport, I would find them eventually.

After an hour of driving round in ever increasing semi-circles, I was starting to give up hope.  I was so desperate, I even tried typing “airport” into the message facility on my phone to see if predictive text came up with any other options!  Eventually, in desperation, I phoned my nephew, who phoned his friend to ask him EXACTLY where he had spotted the goats.

It turned out that they were about 100yards away from their pen, in the opposite direction to the airport, and by the time I got back to the barn and had grabbed a bucket to call them with, they had heard me and were already squeezing back through the gap they had made in the fence!!

And the worst of it was …….I am SURE I heard them sniggering as I closed the gate behind them!

kid goat