The problem with growing strawberries

is that they seem to be the favourite fruit of EVERY animal in the entire world. If you grow them outside the birds have them and you have no strawberries. If you net them, the birds somehow manage to get through the net, get stuck and can’t get out, and then you have even less strawberries! And if you can somehow manage to stop the birds, then the bugs get them – something about that lovely shady foliage that encourages them.

strawberries in pot

So this year I was sure I had the answer with my strawberry pots. They keep the strawberries up off the ground, the birds have nowhere to perch to eat them, and they should be out of the way of the slimy ones.


slug snail damage to strawberries

So what’s eating the strawberries?

I have to confess that I am not 100% sure what is eating them – this looks like slug damage to me, but I can’t find any slugs whereas I have found several snails lurking again.

Sigh Looks as though I will be out with a torch big game hunting again