This year I am determined to try again with the sweet potatoes.  For the last two years I have got them started, but then not had anywhere suitable to plant them out into.  They need fairly warm soil so, this year, I am going to make them a cold frame of sorts to go into when they outgrow my windowsill.

I started my potato off on the windowsill today – here’s how to start a sweet potato.

To start sweet potatoes off, simply buy a sweet potato from the supermarket.

Place a layer of damp compost in a seed tray/ice cream container and nestle the sweet potato into it so that it is partially covered by the damp compost.

The potato will start to send out shoots which, as soon as they are big enough, you remove and plant on into pots.  Grow them on in their pots until they are big enough to be planted out into the ground.  The soil does need to be reasonably warm for this so you will need to have a cold frame/cloche or similar to warm the soil ready for them.

They do spread themselves out somewhat when mature so make sure you give them somewhere with lots of space.