We don’t get snow! Or at least we occasionally get an inch or so that lasts for around a day. But we don’t get a “proper” fall of snow. In 45 years, I think I have had about 4 really decent snow years.

Needless to say, the local children (the apprentice included) start praying and hoping for snow in about November and don’t give up until March. They have dreams of building snowmen and having snowball battles…….not to mention a few days off school!

2013 jan 5th misc 001

So the apprentice made these snowmen to give to her friends at school on the last day of term. They were great fun, very easy and were very well received by the other kids.

You need:

Giant chocolate buttons (if you can’t buy these you can make them out of melted chocolate)
Mini marshmallows
Some chocolate for melting.
“Something” for the arms – Matchmakers or Mikado chocolate covered sticks work well, and can also be used to hold the body together.
Melted chocolate or chopped up sweets for the eyes, nose and buttons
Some wide sweet bands for the scarves – we used “Wham rip roll” cut in half.

Thread 2 marshmallows onto a matchmaker or Mikado, break it off flush with the top and bottom of the marshmallows. Wrap a length of scarf around the gap between them and tie it like a scarf.

Melt some chocolate and use it to stick the Giant chocolate buttons on the head, with the mini marshmallow on top to make his top-hat.

We used orange jelly tots cut in quarters for his nose – attach them with a little spot of melted chocolate. Make him some eyes and buttons using little spots of melted chocolate or using some more sweets.

Finish the snowman off with some arms made with the Matchmakers or Mikado. Dust with icing sugar

Eat and enjoy – or give to your friends as presents.