Yesterday afternoon a pea-souper of a fog descended on us.  Probably a harbinger of some colder winter weather I suspect – it had that chill to it.  Wednesday afternoon is always a “get the chores done” afternoon, with no time for any extras.  On the other hand we are usually home by 5.30 on a Wednesday, so it is a nice long evening at home. What better time to curl up with a mug of coffee, a blanket and the seed catalogues.

Unfortunately I have my own inimitable style with seed catalogues, which usually entails taking a page of A4 paper, going through the catalogues and making a list of all the varieties I want to grow this year.  I then add up how much land I have available and set about my list with a hatchet.  Once I have the list down to an amount I can grow, I then price the list – and get out the hatchet again!  Finally I try to work out which veg I will want to eat fresh only, and which I am going to need to find room to store and then try to make a balance between the two.  I am sure this year will be no exception but I AM trying to put a little less on the original list this year.

I have started at the beginning with those veg that can/need to be planted early and will have to have some more planning sessions another time.  So, here goes…………

Leeks – “Musselburgh” (which I have grown before and find great) and I am going to try “Neptune” this year for the first time.

Parsnips – I will grow “White Gem” and “Tender and True”.  I have grown both of these before and have been very happy with them so sticking with those this year.

Cauliflower – I have grown “All the Year Round” in the past and I love the fact that they are mini cauliflowers.  With just two of us to feed most of the time, I full size cauliflower is too much, so we will have these again this year.

Tomatoes – The first one I am going to try this year is call “Hundreds and Thousands”.  It is an heirloom variety with a trailing habit so great for my balcony containers or maybe a hanging basket.  I am also going to try “Gardener’s Delight” – I don’t think I have tried this one before but it sounds good and seems to be happy out of doors so we’ll see how it goes.

Radishes  – I love radish so, in amongst my other radishes, another first for me is going to be “German Salad Radish”.  This appears to look like a radish coloured carrot and is used for slicing for salads etc.  Will have to see how the taste bears up.

 And I am afraid that is as far as I got last night – not a huge amount to show for an evening’s browsing but I got carried away with dreams of all those lovely spring veg for the picking.  But it’s a start – I will choose my onions and then get that lot ordered and worry about ordering the rest later I think.

What are you growing this year?  Are you trying anything new? Click here to tell us