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to the keepers of Daily Blog Tips where I have found a lot of helpful advice regarding the setting up of this blog. I have a lot more reading and learning to do – but I am on the way now 🙂


Well, having decided to take the plunge and start the blog, I thought that maybe I ought to have a look around at who else is blogging on the subject of self-sufficiency.

I can only guess that all the smallholding bloggers out there are shy retiring folk as there weren’t a large number to be found.

But here’s the list of the best ones I found. In no particular order 🙂

The Cottage Smallholder

A well established blog, focussing largely on cooking, recipes and the veg garden although they also have sections on chickens, bees, foraging and other related subjects

cottage smallholder

A Smallholder’s Diary

What it says – a smallholding journal that could provide lots of useful information for those starting out – and a good place to “chat over the garden gate” too.

smallholders diary

Herne Cottage

Looked like a promising blog but doesn’t seem to have been updated since July 2010

herne cottage

Waterloo Farm

Another site that hasn’t been updated since 2010 – and is one of those annoying sites that won’t let you “back” out of it.

waterloo farm

Little Homestead in the City

I LIKE this site. It is an American site, but the information it holds is as relevant in the UK as it is in the U.S. Lots of useful content – especially for those with limited space

Little homestead in the city

Adventures in self-sufficiency

A UK site that is updated regularly with lots of interesting features.

Adventures in self-sufficiency

I am sure there must be more blogs out there – so feel free to add yours on to the list.