DSCN0068So, we have got ourselves a new camera to try to take some photos of all the goings on on the smallholding and update the blog.

We decided to test the camera with Blotchy’s latest litter of kittens.  Blotchy the barn cat has now become Blotchy the house cat, as she disappeared during a cold snap while she was pregnant.

When she came back to the barn it became apparent that she was terrified of the baby goats, and I was worried that she would try to have her babies outside and lose them in the cold. So……..we decided to bring her home until she had had her kittens.  That was about 2 months ago, and I don’t think she has even looked out of the window yet.  She is completely contented at home and has produced a litter of 3 kittens.


Having the kittens at home has been a totally different experience to having them at the barn, and they have kept us endlessly entertained.

After an hour of chasing kittens left, right and centre, rescuing them from behind the furniture, disentangling ourselves from the octopus – like grip of tiny legs and claws and trying to persuade all three of them to sit in the same place at the same time WITHOUT fighting, all the while trying to coax the new camera to take photos when I asked it to, NOT three seconds later as it appeared to want to do.  After an hour of sheer frustration, I handed the camera to the apprentice who produced three shots, apparently with ease!  Admittedly she cheated and took individual shots, not the group shot that I was aspiring to but, as you can see, she made a pretty good go of it!