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  1. Gillian Bellamy Says:

    I have 2 newborn bunnies, noticed that the black one only has 1 eye open other is shut tight is this normal at 3wks old, also it’s half the size of the other.

    1. eumaeus Says:

      That doesn’t sound altogether normal no. Is it actually still closed? Or has it got a gammy eye and is being held shut by sticky stuff?

      Is it as lively as it’s sibling? Is it eating oK?

  2. lisatray Says:

    hay there my rabbit toffe had some unexpected kits….wot a shock,,,,only thing we can think of if the kids have had them out together????? oh well a new adventure. she had 6 kits but the runt was found out of the nest and dead. dont no weather mum has brought her out or weather wen feding has still be latched on wen she hoped off. there not in a nesting box and has built nest in the main part of hutch….
    any how theres one bunny that seem to be the biggest and looks almost as if he is getting all the milk…the others are alot smaller than than him….unseure on wot to do????? i have read on the internet that if there is a greedy one then to remove for a night and allow the rest to feed but im worried to do this.she is more than happy for me to handel them but is difficult as they are not in a nesting box…..also the nest isnt very deep and im a little affraid that there going to jump ouy as they are lively….think there about 5 days old now….wot do you think

    1. eumaeus Says:

      This is a problem I have haven’t encountered before. The best bet is to check the tummies of all the other babies and see if they seem to be getting fed. If they have nice firm tummies they are getting milk, if the tummies look “saggy” then they aren’t getting enough.

      Good luck 🙂

  3. jopheen Says:

    Rabbit caption~~~~ HERE I COME READY OR NOT !!!

    1. eumaeus Says:

      LOL – love it – I hope you don’t mind but I added this as a comment in your name on the photo post, so that people can see it, as well as here 🙂

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