As I have said many times – goats are great characters and usually up to mischief of one sort or another.  Ours always seem to have a fascination with our car – last year’s kids seemed to spend all their time climbing about on the roof.  This year they seem to have other ideas…………


goat kids

Wispa the naughtiest goat in the world looking for somewhere comfy to lie down.


goat in car

Marshmallow back seat driving.


goats in car


Crunchie and Honey making sure no-one else can get in.

At times it feels as though we are in the monkey enclosure at Longleat Safari Park – I’m just glad they haven’t started pulling bits off the car yet!

goat kids

Kashmir, Cadbury and Drifter chilling out


The weekend here has been gloriously sunny and the goats have been taking the chance to do a bit of sunbathing.


Baby goat

Wispa – just for once immobile !

Saturday was so hot that even Wispa (the cheekiest goat kid ever) had to lie down and sunbathe for a while.

2013 june goat kids sunbathing 003

Golden Guernsey baby Kashmir

Golden Guernsey goat

And his twin brother Korma

And twins Korma and Kashmir hunted for shade and ended up retreating under the nearest gorse bush.  but came out to play as the worst of the heat died away.

On Sunday Honey was a week old and, because the weather was reasonable, we took her out so that she could have a run around and her mum could have a bite of fresh grass. We have uploaded some videos to youtube of little Honey’s first foray into the big bad world. Click on the pictures to go to the videos.

Jan 2013 goat babies 014Jan 2013 goat babies 019

We were surprised yesterday evening, when we went to feed the goats, by the sight of another new goat baby. We knew that mum (Coco) was close but I was predicting probably another week or so. That’s goats for you! Another girl, this one has been named Wispa.

Newborn goat kid

Yesterday saw the arrival of the first goat baby of 2013

Jan 2013 goat babies 014

The new mum is Crunchie (one of the apprentice’s goats) and the new kid, a female, has been named Honey (short for Honeycomb).

Jan 2013 goat babies 015

While we were working at the field the other day, the baby goats decided that our parked car was exactly what they had been wanting to play with.  Here’s Marshmallow, trying to figure out how to get to my cap on the inside of the windscreen, while she is still safely on the outside 🙂

And here are Crunchie and Bournville playing king of the castle with poor old Horlix definitely NOT the king.

goat kids playing on car

Needless to say they were most indignant when we finished work and took away their “toy”.

kid goat

Malteser enjoying the spring grass

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