We had a photo session at the barn today – enjoy 🙂

We started out with Custard who is our two week old Golden Guernsey goat kid – he’s always up for a cuddle with the apprentice

photo of two week old guernsey goat kid

But he loves a cuddle with me too 🙂

goat baby

Then big cousin Cream came along and wanted a cuddle too

Golden Guernsey goats babies

Then it was the turn of Peter my pink rabbit. He is our youngest buck who the apprentice gave to me as a present because I loved his colour – when he was a baby he really looked pink and now he is a gorgeous brown 🙂 I’m not that great on rabbit colours – if you know what colour he is, please let us know here

Rabbit unusual colour

While we had Peter out to take photos of him, Cream the hooligoat decided to jump in his hutch to steal his dinner

goat in rabbit hutch

And then decided to make herself at home

goat in rabbit hutch

Having removed Cream from his hutch, we re-instated Peter and moved on to cuddle the one month old baby rabbits

baby rabbit one month old

And then just time for one last good-night cuddle with the baby 🙂

Cute Golden Guernsey goat kid

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